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05 April 2009 @ 12:40 am
Name Amy
Location Charleston, South Carolina, USA
University College of Charleston
Major English
Concentration Creative Writing
Emphasis Fiction
Job Makeup Artist

This is my first month with my Moleskine. I love it.

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  • I color-code like crazy. Orange is my Late 19th Century American Literature class. Fuchsia is for my weight-loss tracking. The maroon color is for my Contemporary Social Problems class. Light blue is for my James Joyce class. Green is for my Advanced Fiction Workshop class. Purple is for my Drawing I class. The light teal color is for any extraneous appointments, activities, or reminders I need for myself. Black is for work. Red dots next to my classes indicate I skipped that class (don't count them, please). Brown is for television programs.

    Things I Use & Love
    Classic Wooden Alphabet Stamp Set at Barnes & Noble for $6.25.
    Making Memories 8x8 Project Pad Whimsy [can't find anywhere online] from Target (on sale for) $6.98.
    Moleskine XL Soft-Cover Weekly Planner + Notebook from Borders for $19.95.
    Post It Pastel Notes
    Jackie! Simply Chic Stick-on Notes & Flags [can't find online] from Walmart.
    Nicole Crafts Ink It Up! Pigment Ink Stamp Pad from AC Moore.
    Staedtler 20 triplus color box from Staples.
    Pilot Pen Precise V5 & V7 Fine Point Black Pens.

    first post
    24 February 2009 @ 10:10 pm
    all my british friends are doing this. under the cut forCollapse ) my beauty products of choice.
    10 January 2009 @ 10:59 pm
    worked 8 hours today, it was slow and my legs hurrrrt. work 5.5 hours tomorrow.. hopefully it will be busy.

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    i'm such a worrywart..
    10 January 2009 @ 11:27 am
    i have three semesters left before i graduate and one starts on monday. i am feeling super anxious and intimidated about it.

    i am taking a james joyce class that meets every monday for two hours and forty-five minutes. yes, i will want to shoot myself after each meeting. the class focuses primarily on ulysses, but also includes other texts by james joyce such as dubliners. i am so frightened of this class because i'm really not a huge fan of the era, and it's just so much reading. in fact, all of my classes are SO MUCH READING, except for my art class, which is SO MUCH FUN. i'm sure that will prove challenging, though, as well. i've never been a particularly good drawer. i like more abstract art.. aka, easier to fake. ha.

    my other classes include advanced fiction writing workshop, late 19th century american literature, and contemporary social issues (sociology course). i'm really look forward to the latter two. i have the american lit course with amber and sarah, which is exciting in itself, but i'm also excited about the course because i really like the professor. he gave a guest lecture in my american literature class last semester and his presentation was the best i have ever sat through. and it was about kate chopin! truly, if you can make me enjoy kate chopin, you are amazing.

    sadly, i am not at all looking forward to my fiction class. i just don't feel ready to start a new project. i can't even finish the one my mind is still in! writing the first fifty-one pages of my first novel was incredible, but it was also among the hardest things i've ever done academically, and it took so much time and energy and i just don't feel like jumping back into that boat. i haven't written a single word for my novel since the end of the semester, and now i'll be forced to come up with new ideas, and for short stories no less! writing novels is nice because you can be finished when you want to be. you can always say, "oh that's coming in the next chapter." short stories have a limit. heh.

    i guess i really just needed to get off my chest how nervous i am about the upcoming semester. and how much i really would like to not have a job. there's SO MUCH READING. who would have thought? right? an english major with a lot of reading to do. i guess now i'm just complaining. i think, truthfully, my nerves are sort of shot. there's drama with my sister because she's being stupid again, and it makes me uneasy, and i'm just projecting that onto a semester that hasn't even started yet. sigh.

    i'll write about that later, i guess. i have to get ready for work, and i work from 1:30 to 9:30 tonight. it's going to be a long, miserable day, fuck me. ugh.
    01 November 2008 @ 11:07 am
    does anyone remember me :D i sort of disappeared for a while.. anyway, here's my halloween makeup/nail art!

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    listening to: city & colour - the girl
    21 August 2008 @ 07:57 pm
    I'm back to using this journal and needed a more recent public entry than the one that was here before.

    listening to: project runway
    11 February 2006 @ 12:35 pm

    Good afternoon.

    As of today, I have been accepted to each of the three colleges I applied to.

    College of Charleston, Coastal Carolina University, and Clemson University, in order of acceptance.

    Actually, it feels weird, though I am satisfied. I'm quite calm, much unlike when I was accepted to CofC. I think it's because it's.. a conflict of interest. Not only was I expecting to be rejected by Clemson, I was expecting that rejection to help fuel my motivation to go to CofC. This (acceptance) kind of... doesn't help.

    Coastal Carolina has offered me $1,000 to attend their University. Frankly I think I'm worth more than that but I'm sure the offer will increase as other scholarship offers are declined.

    As some of you may know I have already put down my deposit and really got the ball rolling at College of Charleston. I am invited to a Shabbat dinner with the Jewish organization there in March sometime, which I may or may not attend. I want to, but definitely not by myself.

    We shall see.

    *deep breath*

    26 January 2006 @ 06:35 pm

    I am more disgusted with Oprah and her show today than I care to discuss in depth. I would like to say that I am appauled that she would allow and condone guests on her show to make jokes insulting the character of other guests on her show, in their presence. Even during a live airing.

    I have never idolized a person like I have idolized Oprah, but that is in the past now. I cannot say I don't admire her genius, because she has been, in other times of her career, one of the most amazing and inspirational people I have ever heard of. But today, she has upset me. I won't forget that. She has lessened herself as a hero in my eyes.

    The short, witty comments she makes while interviewing an enemy - the ones I usually love. She used those on James Frey today, and I was disgusted. They weren't witty. It embarassed me.

    The guests on her show. Interesting how they're all journalists and they all talked about telling the TRUTH. How the TRUTH is so important. What position in this world do they think they hold? Because they have worked hard to have their words put into a newspaper, amazing work on their part. Does that make their opinion higher or more TRUE than any other person? No. Especially not any more TRUE. A journalist saying they value the truth and are shocked by James Frey's supposed lack of it... it's almost laughable. I'm a lawyer and I've never told a lie. That doesn't happen.

    I do not believe that James Frey lied. Had this been a nonfiction piece of work, he would have. But it is a memoir. It is published as a memoir. He said from the beginning that he changed names, characteristics, and events in the book to render the characters unidentifiable. He is a writer, and it is in his nature to write to make things readable. Would this book have been as "fantastical" (as Oprah put it) if he had wrote the pure "truth"? No. It would be boring, it would be something that any person could write, it would not be inspirational. Do I feel James Frey wrote the truth? YES. And I believe that he wrote the truth as he knew it, something even MORE personal than I, or anyone except HE, can imagine. I'LL SAY IT AGAIN: WHO ARE WE TO PERCEIVE HIS REALITY?

    I give him all the credit in the world. Not only did he face Oprah, and the world, and an entire audience full of people against him, he admitted to making a mistake in not making sure Oprah and his readers understood where he was coming from. I don't feel duped by him or anyone, though - I feel the memoir is an inspiration, one which I will continue to recommend, and one which I will continue to defend.

    Oprah went below herself today. She says that this process has been embarassing for her. How dare she use that word in the presence of James Frey, a man who has had his dignity stomped on (more than once), and this time in front of millions of people. I would say that the show on this afternoon is more embarassing for her than any part of "this process" has been before.

    25 January 2006 @ 09:50 pm

    so how about that one tree FREAKIN hill!? huh? such a good episode tonight. chad finally cut his hair and it really looked good, especially when he did that thing with his eyebrow... and james lafferty is just growing up right before my eyes. tonight made me realize all of the things i would do to that boy. seriously. go catch some screen caps and argue with me...... HA, and props to mesmerizd, the only person who can make fun of my one tree hill night parties and get away with it! ♥

    i am so sick and tired of hearing about james frey's "made up memoir". it disgusts me. a million little pieces WAS ARGUABLY THE BEST BOOK I'VE EVER READ. it is beyond inspirational - it gives insight into a world i would never have experienced otherwise, a world which is sadly plaguing the lives of so many people in our society. addiction. the book captured me from page one, and i didn't put it down until i finished it. i am so tired of people questioning james' credibility. as far as the general public are concerned, whether his novel is one hundred percent true or not is TOTALLY TRIVIAL.

    people have no concept of reality. we're all biased by our own emotions. the way i recall an event and the way you recall the same event differ based on our predispositions, our feelings throughout the event, and so much else. who is to judge "reality"? this man was on drugs so much so that he was told he should be dead, and that if he used again he would no doubt die. period. who the fuck are you to perceive his reality through this time in HIS life? who are you to tell him that certain things COULDN'T HAVE happened? no one. how dare you.

    james admits to fabricating his novel. guess what, life's not a fairy tale, not even one about drugs that ends with sobriety. and it's not a movie, or a novel, either. this was his life, and he needed to turn it into something people would want to - nay, COULD, read. if he did so by saying that he cut his cheek instead of the area on the inside of his mouth between his chin and bottom lip, I'M FUCKING OKAY WITH THAT. and you should be too. "oh, it just put me off, i couldn't even finish the book." good, you don't deserve to read the rest of this book, thank you for contributing to his salary, and SHUT THE FUCK UP. also, think of all that he was forced to cover up concerning leonard. there are limits he simply could not push, and i am prepared to accept that.

    I'M GOING TO TELL YOU ALL A TRUE STORY! when i was five, my mom put pink eyeshadow on me, dressed me in a an adorable multicoloured striped dress, and we went on a road trip to a country music concert an hour and a half away. on the way we stopped at mcdonalds, where i ate chicken nuggets. finally at the country music concert, i had the best time of my life. my mom and i danced and sung all day and had an amazing time. after the concert, i met one of my idols (at the time). i had my picture taken with her, and she signed it. i was absolutely smitten. i've wanted to be a singer ever since.

    okay, now the truth is that my mom is a health freak and hardly let me eat mcdonalds EVER. so, we really didn't go to mcdonalds before that concert, and i really didn't eat chicken nuggets. do you feel let down? well, YOU SHOULDN'T. why? because it's not important. you got the jist of that story, you picked up what i was putting down, and whether or not i ate at mcdonalds is such a ridiculously stupid thing to dwell on, i trust that you wouldn't discredit my entire story, or the heartfelt emotion i put into it, just because of that small fucking detail.


    oprah, thursday, 4pm. be there.

    22 January 2006 @ 08:17 pm
    first semester.
    english - 96
    teacher cadet - 99
    gov/econ - 95
    physics - 93

    being rewarded (with money) for grades (like all these a's) would be really nice.

    i have never beat a game of freecell before in my life until yesterday, when i randomly opened it, read a manual on the internet, and beat twelve games in a row.

    i may have a problem tomorrow morning with my schedule. i submitted my form for early dismissal but it has on my records on the school's website that i still have a fourth block (government ap). the guidance office will be absolutely packed tomorrow for schedule changes but i'm going to have to do something about this.